Goliath Air / Water V2 Hotend


Mellow All Metal Goliath Air / Water V2 Hotend For High Speed 3D Printer Vzbot Voron HevORT Replace Dragon Crazy

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Goliath Hotend is designed by the VzBoT team

You can find information and ask for help at:




6 titanium screws are used to connect the heat sink and the heating block.

Package Contents:


1*Goliath Air Hotend

1*M3 PT1000


1*Goliath Water Hotend

1*M3 PT1000


  • The Nichrome wire sticking out can be bent to the desired shape. Be careful not to over do it as it can break if bent multiple times. Also keep in mind that this section of the heater will be hot, so place/bend it to a safe position.

  • PT1000 Sensor should be installed after the silicon sock. It should be tighen with hand or very gently with a wrench. It is M3 thread and too much torque can cause the thread to strip

  • Silicon sock is rated up to 300C. While the Goliath can technically handle up to 500C, you should always remove the silicon sock if you plan to use it for ultra high temp. A glass fiber sleeve could be use if you need to isolate it.

  • The heatblock can be rotated to have the wires facing the desired direction. You will need to dissasemble the unit to rotate it.

  • Silicon thermal paste can applied between the heatbreak and heatsink. Using other type of coumpound might make it really hard to remove heatbreak later.

  • Heatbreak is fragile and brittle but extremely tolerant to abrassion and heat. If you have issues removing it from the heatsink, you can help it by pushing from the top where the PTFE tube comes in. DO NOT try to pull hard on it from the bottom of the heatsink or you might seperate the zirconia throat from the copper section.

  • Water heatsink uses PL4-M5/PC4-M5 fitting type. Meaning that the thread size on the block is M5 and the tube OD is 4mm. You can switch to something else if you wish but it will need to be M5 thread type fittings.










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