Mellow 8 Tooth Vz Hextrudort Low Extruder w/ Motor


An all-metal 8 Tooth Vz Hextrudort Low Extruder One Shaft Twirl Gear designed for the VzBoT 330 VZ235 HevORT 3D Printer, providing a smooth and reliable printing experience. Includes motor!

  • The gear material is made of hardened steel with a strength of 55, which can ensure that the filament will not damage the gear when printing for a long time.
  • According to the recent suggestions of VzBoT team, we made this one-piece shaft gear to ensure the concentricity of extrusion and improve the stability of filament passage. In addition, high-precision cnc production of reduction gear can reduce the runout in gear transmission. This gear has smaller tolerance and lower deformation than the injection gear.
  • This shell design came from NF and VzBoT teams.
  • The reduction ratio of the extruder is 1:6.25, The power is 25% more power than the original 1:5 reduction ratio motor.Use the 8-tooth motor to set the pulse to 895-905, use 2209 for the drive, and the recommended motor current is 0.6A-1A.
  • The extruder shell is made of 6061 aluminum alloy by cnc machining with high precision, which has not only metal strength but also ultra-light weight. Metal has strength and precision that plastic shells cannot. Metal with thermal conductivity will conduct the heat of the motor, but this is also the process of heat dissipation of the motor. When the ambient temperature does not exceed 25 degrees Celsius, it is not necessary to increase the fan heat dissipation, but when it exceeds 25 degrees Celsius, it can be considered to increase the fan heat dissipation.

To increase friction and reduce gnawing, we added a new twirl gear design.High quality gear improves the performance of extruder.







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